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The Gastro Hub is a Community Interest Company. The project is start-up funded and supported by the NUS Student Eats Programme, via The Big Lottery- Our Bright Future Fund.

Our Values

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Reduce Food Waste

Reducing food waste and carbon emissions by diverting surplus food from going to landfill. We will help to redress the imbalance in the food system by reclaiming surplus food and transforming it into high quality delicious and nutritious meals! 

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Connect Communities

Providing opportunities for local people to connect and relate inclusively together with  a common purpose. Through offering communal cooking and dining experiences involving local volunteers, we will work directly to address social isolation and promote community cohesion.

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Train and Empower

Volunteering and training opportunities for students and local people to build confidence, develop life skills and gain experience in a range of areas.  The Gastro Hub will deliver a work based learning experience, coupled with community empowerment and development.

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See What People Are Saying

"The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, 

clinic or hospital." 

 Dr. Mark Hyman

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Our aim is to promote and demonstrate the concept of ‘Social Integration' as an effective tool to increase social inclusion and community cohesion. A model through which diverse people connect, interact and validate each other within a community; creating stronger and more inclusive communities which value everyone’s right to contribute. We believe that preparing and sharing food with strangers is a great way to create cohesion and bring together people from different walks of life and abilities within the community. 

The Gastro Hub operates as a Social Enterprise. Profits from our activities will be put back into the enterprise to provide ongoing capital and to cover our operational costs. 

Our profits will support us to develop and expand our vision into

 “Superfluity Supper Club” 

Experiential pop-up events. 

“People’s Kitchen” 

Community Cooking 

& Dining

Community Workshops 

On-a-Budget Cookery

& Healthy Eating 

"Superfluity Catering"

Festivals, Events & Meetings

 Production and Distribution 


Sauces, Jams & Chutneys

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The Gastro Hub is Funded and supported By